The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), BRICS and the South African Connection.

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by Katherine Frisk: 





Firstly, what is the TPP? This is legislation that is about to be passed in the USA between 12 countries and includes 40% of the world’s GDP. This will later include the whole of Europe in the TTIP. The implications and the outcome of the TPP and the TTIP will give Corporations the same legal rights as Governments, up to and including their own Court System. You can call it “Governments floating in space,” or “Corporate Entities floating in space,” most probably registered in post boxes on some out of orbit space module circling the earth, or on some billion dollar yacht anchored out in International waters (post boxes in the Caribbean have become so last century!) where they are not subject to tax regulations, any governmental legislation or even United Nations resolutions. In other words, these banks and corporations will gain total sovereignty and be entities unto themselves, much as only the Vatican, Switzerland, the City of London and Washington D.C. are today. The concept has been extended to the Corporate Squid which you can view HERE.


A similar situation has transpired with the passing of legislation that entitles any Bank or Corporation to be seen as a “person,”and have the same rights as a “person.” The outcome of this legislation has been that the many individuals in the banking system who have committed crimes and illegal acts by rigging Libor, Currency trading, High Frequency Trading, Gold Price Manipulation and a host of other crimes in relation to derivatives, have not been arrested, charged, tried or sentenced to life in prison. The mantra “Too Big to Fail/Too Big to Jail” has clouded and obscured the real issue. A “guilty charge,” due to these corporations and banks now seen legally as “people,” cannot be placed on the individuals involved but is rather deferred to the Bank or Corporation as a personal entity. As a result, instead of the real perpetrators of these crimes being brought to book, the Banks and Corporations have received pithy fines. Take this concept further and give these entities the same rights as governments, and they become totally immune from the law at national, state or even international level.


The brass tacks here have the following implications. These corporations will not be subject to any government legislation involving health, minimum wage or the environmental laws in the countries in which they operate. And if made subject to these laws, they will, through their own off planet or out at sea Legal Courts be able to sue governments for loss of income due to having to comply with the legislation in those countries. Here are a few examples:


Any country in which Monsanto or a genetically modified food has taken root and a hold over the food industry, if forced to comply with labeling laws or the banning of pesticides that are harmful to health, will be able to sue the government of that country for loss of income due to having to comply with government regulations. In other words, the tax payer will foot the bill not the company, for labels, replacement of pesticides etc.


Any country in which Fracking is practised, or any mining industry for that matter, will be able to sue the government for loss of income due to having to comply with environmental laws and rehabilitation of the areas in which they have fracked, for loss of income due to having to comply with these laws. In other words, the tax payer will have to pay for any and all damages done to the environment by these companies.


The same goes for legislation pertaining to minimum wage and affordable health, they will be able to sue the government for loss of income and the tax payer will have to foot the bill for the difference.
These are only a few examples. Taken further, it will give these corporations the same control and ability to have their own armies and military, their own geo-engineering facilities by which they will be able to charge countries for yearly rainfall and corporate control over space and that includes any and all further exploration and/or colonising of future planets. They will claim ownership of the Moon, Mars, Venus etc in the future. Democracy as we know it, nation statehood as we know it, will be replaced by a Neo Feudal Corporate system, but instead of the Monarchies of the past, we will now be owned, controlled and enslaved by the Corporate Squid. If you are ever allowed off the plantation, you will have to be able to buy your own freedom. This by their reckoning is “Capitalism.”




I have been unable to find much information regarding the BRICS stance on this system, other than up until now, the BRICS countries have not been included in these agreements. Perhaps it is time for the voters in these BRICS countries to demand a clear and open statement from their respective governments and all political parties in their country as to where they stand on any future TPP type of agreement that may or may not be in the pipeline. As a rule of thumb, if any government, political party or politician does not stand against GMOS, Fracking or support minimum wage and affordable health care, then somewhere along the line they already have a vested interest in the corporations involved in these practices, or members of their respective political parties do and are on the payroll of these corporations. This is compounded by a system of corporate funding in the electorial process whereby corporations literally buy their own political parties and politicians along with all media outlets in order to ensure that their “party line”is given favourable coverage and the true intent of these entities is covered in a veneer of “capitalism” when they are nothing of the sort.


South Africa:


In recent years I have become aware of the insidious practice of “colour revolutions. ” HERE is a full explanation. A short explanation:  corporations funding and controlling social and political demonstrations, strikes and violent riots in order to infiltrate and bring about a change of government and then install their own puppets who have been waiting in the wings to take over and change any and all legislation in that country that is not to the benefit of the corporations involved. The current situation in Ukraine is a prime example. See HERE and HERE. 


I have become very suspicious of situations like Marikana, the Xenophobia that has raised it’s ugly head in the country and the miners strikes that have crippled our gold and platinum industry along with Gold Price rigging and manipulation that for over 20 years has destroyed our GDP and drastically reduced the value of the Rand in comparison to the Dollar. In 1982, the Rand was worth more than the Dollar, by 2015 the Rand Dollar exchange was 11-1.


As a result I have to ask myself if the social and political upheaval in the country is the result of either “third force”activity by South African corporations themselves or by outside corporate interest who hope to take over the country and bring it into a TPP scenario, especially as all this upheaval has increased ever since South Africa became a member of BRCIS and noticeably occurs every time there is a major BRICS meeting.


However, having said that, South Africa is already on the way to becoming a fully fledged Corporate Fascist Sate when one looks at the total control that Monsanto has over our Maize and Soya industry and is extending their tentacles into vegetable and fruit farming. One also has to wonder if the droughts in the country are “engineered” or real?


The Toll Roads and the E Toll line the pockets of private corporations as does Fracking. South African companies like Sasol need little to no help from the likes of Shell on this issue.
Wallmart has gobbled up our retail and McDonalds and all the other poisonous fast food chains we have imported sit on almost every street corner.


The now disastrous situation with Eskom and the continued cuts in electricity smell like the slow and insidious unseen hand of sabotage, either from within the company itself or from outside of it, in the interests of putting the county’s energy production totally into the hands of private corporations, which is shocking when we consider that once this country had the cheapest electricity rates in the world which boosted our economy and our GDP. No doubt our rivers and dams will soon follow and we will be forced to buy bottled water from companies like Nestle.


As Eric Zuesse recently stated in his article on the TPP:


“Obama’s disastrous ’trade deals’ which are actually going to transfer regulatory sovereignty away from elected government officials as at present (who are answerable to voters), and instead move these powers into the hands of international corporate cartels, which will have the final say over the safety of our air, water, automobiles, and other products, and of the environment, and of workers’ rights (and which regulations will become answerable instead to the controlling stockholders in those mega-corporations). Mega-corporations will set international standards, which none of the signatory nations within the TPP and TTIP will be legally able to exceed without paying heavy penalties to those corporations for violating those corporations’ ‘rights’ under these trade-deals. The current ability of individual nations to establish their own standards will disappear, except to the extent that international corporations allow.”

So when South Africans have the time, while they are not toy toying for Nkandla for a pithy R R200,000,000, by comparison to the billions stolen from the country thanks to Gold Price Rigging, they might want to consider broadening their intellectual spectrum somewhat and see the bigger picture. Or maybe not. After all, the rugby’s on, right? And if that does not distract you, you can always blame it all on Sitchin’s Reptilian Annunanki Illuminati Aliens! One day, maybe, they wake up and find that they have been taken over by Aliens. Corporate-Fascist-Squid Aliens, with their head office in a shuttle somewhere in outer space.



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