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At $5.3 TRILLION-A-DAY in RIGGED Rates, How is YOUR FIAT Currency Doing?

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by Katherine Frisk, The

If you thought Libor rigging was bad and your credit card has blown up in your face with compounding interest repayments that have you flummoxed; or you lost the family fortune due to Gold Price rigging/smashing and the mines in your country have gone belly up and had to close down; how about your local currency? How has that been doing in the last ten years or so? Have you noticed a ridiculous decline especially if you live in an emerging market? Nothing particularly “emerging”about it now is there?

On Monday, principles and ethics, referred to as a… get this, “preamble,” something we all believed the big banks had in the first place, for the world’s biggest currency markets for foreign-exchange trading, will be published in order to police what has been a free for all in currency rigging, or fixing. Are we supposed to be impressed?

At US$5.3 trillion -a-day rigging, even if you can get your head around that much money, the question hanging in the air is:

How much exactly, have these people stolen from the rest of the world? And they call this a “preamble?”

And why have the people who are responsible not been exposed in the media, arrested, tried and convicted, then put in jail and the key thrown away?

Shemitah year? Damn straight, time for payback and with no preamble about it!

Unfortunately, the Banksters have gotten away with their collusion and crimes AGAIN.  But it’s not to late for EVERYONE to LEARN what these massive international banking financial crimes are all about and how they effect YOU directly.  Please view and SHARE  the two attached videos, the first from the LaRouchePAC folks: Banksters LIBOR Criminal Interest Rate Fixing Manipulation Scandal Explained

and the second from RT and Max Keiser: LIBOR Rigging Crime