“9/11 Was a False Flag to Get Into Illegal Wars” — Former FDNY Rudy Dent

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from April Watters:


“9/11 Was a False Flag to get into illegal wars” – Former FDNY Rudy Dent


www.PeoplesInternetRadio.com Wed Sept 6th 2017 w host Catherine April Watters and returning guest former FDNY who worked on the WTC pile, Rudy Dent. Please support me in making videos like this. Every $1 helps https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr…
I [Rudy Dent] faced the truth of that horrible day as I worked on the pile with my brothers. I have more than 20 years with FDNY, including Ladder 33 and 52. I was one of the 100 FDNY who heard the explosions, along with numerous other officials and reporters. I saw with my own eyes Building 7 coming down in under 7 seconds, top to bottom, just like the old hotels in Las Vegas. And yet the structure had only isolated pockets of fire. Prior to this, we in the FDNY never had a high-rise steel-frame building come down due to fire. This official government finding leaves me with great concern over whether any changes in our fire procedures have been put into place to protect our firefighters from this ever happening again. I saw the molten metal under the completely shattered building structures. We have a huge problem here, my brother firefighters. We can perform these heroic actions of aggressive interior attacks because we know our fellow firefighters will be there to pull us out if we get into trouble. We also trust our officers, because they are in the fire with us. We also know that our training is among the best—if not the best—in the world. Yet something went wrong—terribly wrong. http://rethink911.org/news/open-lette…


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