Jimmy Walter: I tried to reopen 9/11 and got run out of the country

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from Kevin Barrett:


Jimmy Walter: I tried to reopen 9/11—and got run out of the country


Philanthropist Jimmy Walter was horrified when the Cheney-Bush regime attacked Iraq. He ran ads in major newspapers against the war. Then he looked into 9/11—and grew even more horrified. In an impressive act of courage and good citizenship, Jimmy spent large sums of money on his ReOpen 9/11 campaign, which featured full-page ads in the NY Times and Washington Post and spearheaded the distribution of over a million “Confronting the Evidence” DVDs. The bad guys pushed back with vilification, vandalism, and death threats. (Check out Jimmy’s rebuttal of Penn and Teller’s TV terrorism.) Even his secretary got death threats! Finally Jimmy had to leave the country and settle in Vienna…while the traitors who seized power on 9/11 continued to murder millions of people.

Today, Jimmy continues his career of public service with his Walden Three sustainability project. He also makes videos. (His Netanyahu parody “The Bibi Rap” is quite topical, as the Israeli PM desperately tries to start a war to keep himself out of prison.)

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