Hillary has a 2nd body double

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from Aggroed Lighthacker:

Hillary has a 2nd body double


Hillary Clinton had a multiple day absence after the 9/11 memorial collapse. She rested in her place in NY. Many people suspect a body double was used, and I suspect because so many people suspected she was a double she was let go. Now we see a different Clinton on stage at her rally in Greensboro NC. She has hazel eyes, not blue anymore in a pretty clear indication among others that it’s a third person.

Find the photos and youtube videos I used here: https://steemit.com/politics/@aggroed…


RELATED – UPDATE: Hillary Clinton is still Hillary Clinton’s second body double

In September of 2016 three separate women have been in the media posing as Secretary Clinton. The woman who has been Secretary for the last few years is not currently in public and instead body doubles have been seen. One only appeared on September 11th. One has appeared at least twice.