STUNNING SECRET of Julian Assange & Obama’s Internet Surrender to ICANN!!

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from C. Ervana:

STUNNING SECRET of Julian Assange and Obama’s Internet Surrender to ICANN!! (Hillary’s Demise)


Most people don’t understand the truth behind Obama surrendering the internet address book to ICANN: it wasn’t exactly about handing over control the UN. Most people think this, but there’s more to the story of Obama, ICANN, and why this institution now controls the internet address book. It’s really about stopping Julian Assange from disclosing the truth about Hillary Clinton, which is why the authority of the internet was turned over to ICANN before Assange would make his October surprise. While news outlets are reporting that this transfer was a plan in the making for many years, this isn’t exactly true. ICANN would receive additional authorities, but not all authority. That decision appears to have been made last minute by the Obama administration. ICANN is not responsible to Constitutional law since they are an international organization. They can block, censor, and downgrade organizations like Wikileaks that attempt to expose the truth.

It is, likely, that the Wikileaks disclosure involves Barack Obama and Hillary’s time as secretary of state. I believe a significant cache could have been turned over to Julian Assange by Edward Snowden, since Snowden collected 30,000 files spanning from Bush’s presidency through the first term of Obama’s. This would have included a significant portion of data about the state department and Hillary Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State.

The ICANN transfer is one that must be heeded. According to this Financial Times article (https://www.ft.com/content/66291afc-8…), U.S. handing over sovereignty to ICANN was about maintaining borderless digital communications. They are absolutely correct, this is the primary reason for the move and will result in censorship. Wikileaks’ Julian Assange was an early critic of ICANN for its censoring of digital communication of his own organization. ICANN has secretly maneuvered to block truthers, disclosure advocates, and conspiracy theorists from a means of investigation. ICANN has blocked Wikileaks posting of files that pertain to U.S. government involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, and they have done this for years with almost no resistance from the lame stream media. This is because news outlets like the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, NBC, the Young Turks, and the New York Times all work for Obama.

What bombshell is coming from Wikileaks? It appears that Assange will “announce” the leak from the Ecuadorian embassy, rather than posting it online, no doubt because it would be censored. Although it was suggested the announcement could come as early as October 4, 2016, it appears now that it will be delayed for “security reasons.”

We are entering into a very difficult time period, with routine censorship in Western countries and those who are especially threatening being shot. Almost nobody would dispute the unusual amount of people who were ready to testify against Hillary Clinton, who were ready to sue the Clinton’s, etc., have turned up dead. Julian Assange is a prime target of the Clinton’s, because he threatens to expose the truth about them.

Andrew Breitbart did this to Obama back in 2012, and he was poisoned. This came shortly after he appeared on national television, proclaiming that he had received evidence that linked Obama firmly to William Ayers.

Breitbart and Assange share almost identical stories: two journalists who received intelligence about U.S. presidential candidates and threatened to expose them very close to the election. The difference is that Breitbart is dead, and Assange is still alive. But if we look at the Clinton body count, the trend does not look good for Assange. The ICANN transfer might temporarily delay Assange’s ambition to publish the Hillary documents, but it won’t stop him entirely. He could still find a way to disseminate these files, or perhaps, to have another entity outside of Wikileaks distribute them. Whatever happens, Obama has as much liability as Clinton in this, especially if the Wikileaks document dump surrounds Hillary’s time as secretary of state, potentially her selling of weapons to ISIS (which is rumored to be part of what the files say), her arming and support of ISIS at the command of Obama.

Again, we are entering difficult times. You must be ready with repentance, watch and pray always that you are worthy to escape what will come to pass, and to stand before Jesus/Yeshua. He is the only thing we have left, now.