Hillary’s handicap: van-Huma’s Radical ties, & the latest “PAY FOR PLAY” scandal

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from Josh Bernstein:


Donald Trump has now hired his 3rd Campaign Manager of his candidacy. The media are literally salivating to tell you how he is imploding, how he is losing, how he is going to drop out, etc. He is not any of those things. He is WINNING, he is not going to drop out, and his campaign manager switch is a sign of STRENGTH not weakness. It shows as a businessman he understands complacency and stagnation. Stephen K. Bannon and Kellyanne Conway are two experienced and capable individuals that will keep Trump on point and focused like a laser.

Trump went to Louisiana while Barack Obama play golf and Hillary Clinton coughed. He showed what real leadership looks like. While Obama played his 3 millionth round of golf the people of Louisiana were dealing with Katrina 2.0 And Hillary, well she was busy sleeping, coughing, and convulsing with her cold chai tea.

A Secret Service whistle blower has said that Hillary Clinton is likely suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. We examine the top 10 symptoms of this disease as well as reveal the $500,000 dollars her campaign has spent adapting 3 Conversion Vans to be more handicap accessible.

Hillary can pretend to open up pickle jars on Jimmy Kimmel Live all she wants but she can’t hide her failing health forever. She will no doubt have a “health related episode” either on the campaign trail or in the debates. But until then we will just have to cover her latest “pay for play” Clinton Foundation scheme involving her Muslim terrorist tied possible lesbian lover Huma Abedin. All the details inside.

And finally, writer and activist Donna Carol Voss joined me to discuss her new book and the differences between how men and women vote.