Making Sense Of The Middle East – Return of the Wahabi Caliphate and the Creation of Greater Israel

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by Katherine Frisk, The Phaser.com

The overall plan is as follows:

To turn the whole of North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey into a Wahabi/Muslim Brotherhood caliphate along the lines of the Ottoman Empire. This was the main driving force behind the “Arab Spring” in Libya, Egypt and Syria. Israel has and still is supporting this plan, in return they will get the territory from the Nile to the Euphrates river.

Libya has been a “success.” Egypt on the other hand woke up to the fact and had another revolution, threw Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood out and restored control by the military. The Muslim Brotherhood was going to hand over the Sinai to Hamas, send the Egyptian military into Syria to defeat Asaad, wipe out all Orthodox Christian Churches in Egypt and start a war with Ethiopia for the same purpose, to destroy a country that is 80% Orthodox Christian.

Syria and Iraq are still fighting a terrible and bloody war at great cost to their countries. ISIL is funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. It is receiving assistance on the Golan Heights from Israel, facilities in Jordan as well as training and assistance from the CIA.

Israel is determined to bomb Iran, with the support of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the USA.

Keep in mind that according to Ron Paul, Hamas was started by Mosaad as a counter measure and to split the Palestinian authority, which automatically discredits it as a authentic body who represents the Palestinians of Gaza. More recently Hamas in Gaza is receiving little to no funding and the people of Gaza are suffering hell on earth.

Hamas was supposed to take over the Sinai with support from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Israel, which would in effect further Israel’s ambitions to own the territory from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers. They would in time no doubt, bomb the Palestinians out of the Sinai in the same way they are now doing in Gaza. Egypt in it’s own defense has closed the tunnels. Any other country would do them same. They will not hand over the Sinai which has historically always been part of Egypt, to Israel. As a result, Gaza is suffering even more than it ever has done without Egyptian support.

Qatar will only pay for what it gets, and they did not get the Sinai as planned, they have as a result cut funding to Hamas.

Hamas will not support Asaad, this is not in Israel, Saudi Arabia , Turkey or Qatar’s interests, Iran as a result has cut funding to them.

The Palestinians of Gaza are not only being used and abused by Israel but by the very people who should be standing by them.

The victims in this whole nightmare are the Palestinians, the Orthodox Christians and the Shiite Muslims. They are regarded as “collateral damage” and persona non grata in the greater Wahabi Caliphate and greater Israel that is planned for the future.