Syria: Any Turkish Aggression Means All-Out War!

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“The obnoxious, boastful, and sectarian Urdogan government fortune will be the same as that of former Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi,”

from Veterans Today.com: 

Nouri al Maliki to VT: Urdogan will be doomed as Morsi

Zakaria Khalaf: US training program aims to destroy the Syrian army

Haissam Bou Said: Turkey and Saudi Arabia wants to down Assad regime to Survive

Nahed Al Husaini Damascus VT bureau chief 

Syrian government sources speaking on condition of anonymity told VT that Turkish direct military involvement in the Northern Part of Syria means all-out war, adding that:

“Syria’s allies will not stand tied-handed if such a thing took place.”

The sources confirmed that the Syrian government is privy to the Turkish moves and any reckless military action that will be taken by the Turkish government will be considered as an “act of aggression” against the Syrian territory and an infringement of its sovereignty.

In this context, the Secretary-General of Arab-American and Muslim Congress Dr Zakaria Khalaf  told VT:

“The training of moderate opposition is not intended to fight ISIS. The Americans know how to combat it. This drill is aimed at the destruction of the capability of the Syrian army and the country’s infrastructure.

“United States is the master of this game. Its primarily objective is to replace the outdated Arab regimes by new ones, and the only way to do it is long-term local conflicts that will change the geo-political stage.”

Khalaf noted that the US “lackeys” are implementing the scheme blindly, without realizing the gravity of its repercussions. Meanwhile, pro-Syrian Turks, opposed to Erdogan officially announced that they have set up cells throughout Turkey.

These cells, according to sources in Turkey, will target Turkish and foreign nationals, including Americans, Israelis along with Qatari and Saudi military, operating inside Turkey.

In a communique released today from the Twelve Imams:

“Turkey has hit Aleppo with rocket attacks, has launched multiple chlorine gas attacks and with American and British contractors is operating training bases in Turkey and building more.  Anyone involved in using Turkey for a base of operations for a terror war against the Syrian people is an enemy combatant.”

The Front labeled itself as the “twelve Imams,” confirming that its activities extend to the south east of Anatolia.

Commenting on the possibility of a Turkish military adventure in Syria, Iraqi Deputy President Nouri Al Maliki said:

“We are used to Urdogan stupidity and his unrealistic ambitions.” “maybe he wants to invest on the Shiite-Sunni saber-rattling to use it against Syria and Iran,” Maliki added.

“The obnoxious, boastful, and sectarian Urdogan government fortune will be the same as that of former Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi,” Maliki concluded.

International Parliament Foreign Minister and the European Department for Security and Information, Secretary General Dr Haissam Abu said that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the West are deeply involved in the region and see the solution in the demise of Assad government for their survival.

Bou Said believes that the Syrian status quo will ebb and flow at all levels as the military situation is swinging in light of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar persistence to drag some Western countries into supplying “AL NUSRA”  with European-made sophisticated weapons to be used against Hezbollah and the Syrian army.

Dr. Abu Said went further by saying that multiple ideas clearly violate the protocols of the 1949 Geneva Convention, notably,

  • the creation of a buffer zone in northern Syria, a violation of national sovereignty and an illegal occupation
  • using terror and aggressive war including WMD’s on civilian populations as a “tool of negotiation”

“The Turks and the Saudi must review their political calculations before it is too late, especially when it comes to backing al-Qaeda wing ‘Al Nusra,’  an act that does not correspond with the decision-makers policies,” he warned.

According to Bou Said The US does not want to see Al-Nusra blossoming along with its associated extemist groups despite the fact that some of them were trained by the US intelligence agents in Turkey, and may have conflicting programs in the future.

He revealed that there are two parallel projects for Syria: the first one is a buffer zone to be established in North (Aleppo) and South (Daraa and Quneitera.) The second is forming a national unity government with a broad involvement of all militant groups as a time bomb, intended to explode into terror state in thrall. This move is aimed to paralyze the resistance axis and dry out the social, environmental, economic and popular resources of the Syrian government.

Dr. Bou-Said explained that the US-led coalition forces face now a debacle, therefore, they are contemplating a military intervention to achieve their objectives, and this is what is being prepared, to restore the Middle East card, in line with behind-the-scenes agreement with Israel to rein in all “opposing forces” and replace them by extremist elements united in form,  not in ideologies for the future division of the region.

At the same time, Bu said remarked, that there are attempts to pre-empt any final agreement struck between the United States, Iran on its Nuclear file. “This Turkish-Saudi  tacit pact with Israel came after Israel’s failure to divide Lebanon in 2006.

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