Kurt Sonnenfeld, FEMA’s Man Behind the Camera on 9/11, Has Proof It Was an “INSIDE JOB”

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from ConspiracyScope:


VIDEO: Mirrored from http://www.youtube.com/user/arg911truth

Eleven years after 9/11 we present a short film with undisclosed images, footage and documents about Kurt Sonnenfeld and his work at Ground Zero.




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by Baxter Dmitry, Investment Watch Blog via SGT Report:

In an explosive new documentary a former FEMA staffer given unrestricted access to Ground Zero hours after 9/11 claims that what he saw proves the attacks were an inside job by the US government – and that they are now trying to silence him by framing him for murder.

Armed with camera gear, Kurt Sonnenfeld was asked to film everything he saw. His documented evidence was supposed to form part of a FEMA report about the disaster response, but he decided to keep hold of the footage.

Then his wife was found dead on a couch in their Denver home with a bullet wound to the back of her head, and his life began to unravel spectacularly.

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