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VIDEO: Guest: Richard Gage, AE911Truth.org


  1. demoition

    July 18, 2016 at 9:22 am

    By now, even The “Stupid”/Egotistical and The “Dumb”/Condition would have realised that “911” was The LynchPin for instituting Enslavement of said Stupidity-Dumbness.

    The Vast Majority of The Mesmerised of/by Thought know the reality, which is that The Global Façade is actually controlled by Gangsters and other Beggars-Thieves. Being Of Greed-Fear, The Vast Majority could-not-be-bothered/lack-the-courage to self-correct or even openly rebel – a correct decision when it comes to openly rebelling if only because Rebellion/”Revolution” merely creates instability which merely adds to the Greed-Fear. Especially not when The Divine is “refracted-within” ALL Human Bodies – should this not be some Mumbo-Jumbo [but how will ANY Human be able to realise so?]

    When The Divine has “The BackDoor Key” to EVERY Human, what and where then is the real problem? The Real/Absolute Problem then is being easily Distract-able/”Ownable” by This, That & The Other to be Somewhat Responsible, said Somewhat Responsible being a mantra of “The Father Who is The Devil” [TFWiTD]. You know, gems like, “Gamble Responsibly”, “self-Poison Responsibly”, “Rape Minors Responsibly”[perhaps awaiting the moment when “The Love 4-yr olds have for Dried Up Ole Sticks” is “legalised”, hee-hee, haw-haw], “Inhale XYZ Smoke Responsibly”, “Govern Responsibly” [something Gangsters/”Beggars-Thieves” in the guise of Politicians excel at], and so forth.

    Instabilities like “Wars”, “Revolutions”, Fianancial Toilet-Papering, and so forth lack Reality when Greed-Fear is The Underlying Driver/Fuel. Unless and until Relativity/”Relative-Choices”/”Variation-on-a-Theme” are removed, having Instabilities merely promote further Instabilities. For example, the current LoveChilde of, “Wake The Heck Up, Will Ya?”, aims not to absolutely awaken other than to create Polarities/Relative-Choices. That of Promoting Relative-Awakening, the main beneficiary of which will be Instability/Greed-Fear, aka Fame, Fortune & Immortality.

    Should the above be True, and It Is The Truth, the myriad of Dramas will merely awaken those who are unable to become Of Reality. Those, whose only choice is to always realise their Relativity/Enslavement-to-Relative-Choices. Those who are guided-by their Thought via This, That & The Other. Those who are unable to realise Reality.

    As such, The Simplicity which Eludes here is that there is no such thing as Reality unless and until self has become Of Reality. In the manner of Visionary Prowess being limited to Its Relativism between “The-2-Faces-of-The-Same-Coin”/Hindsight-vs-Foresight, The So-Called Awakened are only awakened to their Fame, Fortune & Immortality. That of supplanting Reality/The-Present with Relativity/The-Past vs Future and calling that The Solution to Humanity’s Inhumanity. But NOT when Humanity’s Inhumanity is actually The Greed-Fear [or Fear-Greed] within The Greedy-Fearful. This is because Truth is not for owning, Truth is for Becoming-Being Thereof, The so-called Awakened being those whose truth is finding a way to own said truth. Just because self is unable to steal enmasse like “Politicians” do, does not mean self is Of Perfection other than being The self-Certified of Perfection.

    Like it or not, in reality ALL Humans are never Perfect which is why Malevolence needs to masquerade as Benevolence in order to “Gain An Advantage”. That of gaining Something for Nothing. When ALL, somehow but don’t know how, know [with few being able to realise so] that Westernised Governments are Gangsterism Inc. in essence, what is the best way to Distract the Know-Eet-Alls? Distract them with This, That & The Other of being Somewhat Responsible, which is exactly what “Consiprators” [real or realtive] are doing when being distracted/”owned” by Fame, Fortune & Immortality. Afterall, there is NO such thing as The-Present/Reality when The-Past-is-struggling-with-The-Future/there-is-only-Relativism.

    911 was merely A Reflection of The State of Mesmerism of those humans called Americans. When A Thief is caught “Red-Handed”, there is no need to go on-and-on about it – unless said thief is trying to find a way to escape during the “heated debate”. Humans imagine that by repeating the same hymn, somehow but don’t know how, the hymn contents will become real. For The Stupid-Dumb like Geobbels, why of course, but not where Reality is concerned.

    Reality is the state when there is Singularity of Purpose. There are no 2 states for varying other than when “Choice”/Multiplicity is threatening to supplant Freedom/Singularity. Creativities like “911” will keep happening whenever there is “Choice”. Just because Another loves The Multiplicity of Choices does not mean that is the-reality/self. As such, “911” is for those who desire Selflessness to Witness & Realise that The State of Mesmerism is about Selfishness. “911” is NOT about Selfishness morphing into Selflessness because some kreature postures so. Bringing The Culprits of The 911 Façade to justice is merely replacng them with musch the same. This is because The Replacement for “Evil” happens to be The Vast Majority of Humanity Itself. The Divine realises so which is why The Divine is Unconditional whereas Conditionality deploys Instability to “Control the Situation” – other than the “situation” of The Controllers themselves.

    As The-English are apt to advice, “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”. Let those mired in their Fame, Fortune & Immortality express via their Facades of The Father Who is The Devil [TFWiTD] in their own ways but should self be truly awakened by one’s drama, stay the course and realise how self is actually constructed. That way, events like “911” will forever remain dramas for The Vast Majority who after their dramas, will revert to their previous States of Slumber. This is because when The Energy Creator exists, EVERYTHING else is but a Play.

  2. Billy Carson

    July 18, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

    I really don’t believe the general public has a proper perspective on the miracle that happened on 9/11 (if you buy the official narrative, that is). They need
    a perspective that they can clearly conceptualize. Take a look at the following image and see if you can ever drink a cup of coffee again without reflecting on what it is we are told to believe. Post it on your website.


  3. Billy Carson

    July 18, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    The average Walmart Supercenter is 178,000 square feet. The ceiling heights average 24 feet.

    178,000 x 24 = 4,272,000 cubic feet of space.

    The next time you check out at a Walmart Supercenter, take a look at the merchandise conveyor you put your items on for the manned checkout counters. Two of those conveyors in size would approximate the amount of jet fuel that was introduced into each of the World Trade Center towers.
    Look at the conveyor with the whole store in the background.

    Yet, they tell us that is all that was needed to bring the towers down in less than an hour each.

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