Vaccines: Mainstream Media’s Intellectual Bigotry and Thought Coercion

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by Ethan A. Huff,via Global

Parents who don’t vaccinate their children are ignorantly letting celebrities like Jenny McCarthy dictate their medical decisions.

“Anti-vaxxers” reject sound science when they forego the CDC’s official vaccination schedule, which has been proven to save lives.

The reason why childhood illnesses are making a comeback is because of unvaccinated populations which are a threat to the vaccinated and society at large.

Parents who reject vaccinations for any other reason besides a medical diagnosis should be thrown in prison and have their children taken away by Child Protective Services.

As a doctor, I refuse to treat your unvaccinated children, and any doctor who opposes vaccinations should have his medical license taken away.

This is just a small sampling of the many outlandish assaults taking place within the mainstream media right now against anyone who opposes or even questions vaccines. The true colors of these corporate-controlled propaganda entities are on full display as every type of false accusation, pseudoscientific conjecture and overblown scare tactic in the book is being employed in an effort to maintain the vaccine status quo.

Everywhere you look, media pundits, industry-backed doctors, politicians and public health authorities are blaming the unvaccinated for spreading disease to the vaccinated. These mouthpieces are constantly regurgitating lies on television and in print about vaccines only being effective if everybody gets them, for instance, or diseases that were once eradicated by vaccines making a resurgence because some people choose not to vaccinate.

Militant vaccine fanatics call for parents of unvaccinated to be jailed, have their children taken away by government

The badgering has gotten so bad, in some cases, that a few of the more deranged-leaning control freaks in positions of power and influence have called for parents to be jailed for not vaccinating their children, and for doctors who oppose vaccines to lose their licenses. Even though vaccines are still privately owned medical interventions that come with serious side effects, including death, there are some who believe that everyone should be forced to get them.

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