Informed Choice: Who Supports It?

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by Catherine J. Frompovich, via Activist

What is informed choice? you may be asking. According to the Massachusetts Health and Human Services website:

Informed choice is the process of choosing from options based on accurate information and knowledge. These options are developed by a partnership consisting of the consumer and the counselor that will empower the consumer to make decisions resulting in a successful vocational rehabilitation outcome. [CJF emphasis added]

According to the HealthKnowledge website, there are several aspects to choice, e.g., autonomous choice, informed choice, etc.:

According to The Free Medical Dictionary by Farlex, their definition is:

Informed choice Patients rights A decision by a Pt about a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure that is based on choice, which requires that the decision be voluntary and that the Pt has the capacity for choice, which rests on 3 elements: possession of a set of values and goals; ability to understand information and communicate decisions; ability to reason and deliberate. [CJF emphasis added]

Now, let’s look at the American Medical Association’s “Principles of Medical Ethics” that puts forth how physicians should interact with patients.

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