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from Clif High via ScottiB:



In this video podcast by Clif High, he talks about:
  • The UN is at war with “conspiracy theorists”
  • “Humans don’t know the difference between a conclusion, hypothesis and a theory”….explains
  • Narradigm on science
  • Clif tells where you can check out his work on cancer (telegram channel or truth social account)
  • Ways to approach cancer and possibly cure cancer (Nobuto Yamamoto)
  • MAF – Macrophage Activating Factor
  • Clif’s Pure Sleep product is explained (which helps with cancer)
  • American Medical Association – not about patients, it’s a support structure to control the Narradigm  around medicine
  • Approaching the point of time where controls of various Narradigm’s are breaking (including science/medicine)
  • Not the time for Nuremberg trials yet (corrupt still)
  • Believes the Commonwealth ( including Canada) will be going through the process of Narradigm’s breaking down later than others and will be more difficult
  • Believes Constitutional crisis to begin mid-September to end of October
  • Multiple Constitutional crisis
  • Abrupt and harsh winter coming (September/October)
  • Financial chaos system (mid-September and beyond)
  • Legacy media is not expected to last the rest of the year, as they will need to spin a story September/October they don’t want to
  • CIA was started by a fringe of the OSS (under the KM) in 1947….so beware of “leaked CIA material”
  • Book by Estulin “Tavistock Institute” ….social engineering the masses (help people understand how we are being manipulated.
  • “CIA has a religious point of view”….by Kazarians
  • In 1968 , Clif viewed a 10-year-old classified movie about Antarctica that his father was supposed to show colleagues (majors and up including Generals)…..showed already refined coal in a mountain which would supply the US needs of natural gas, electrical and oil.
  • Talks about how corrupt government is in Washington State and how the deep state is delaying the vote results (5 days so far) to keep out Joe Kent in the Primary
  • WEF’ers vulnerable to exposure
  • Clif’s Vox Populi and asks which one of the drop boxes is most likely to have the worst corruption so he can monitor it……(Clif’s Vox Populi series is absolutely brilliant and if you are not aware of it, you should check it out, as he single handily taking down government in WA)
  • Clif is making the legislatures uncomfortable and messing with their brains
As many of us know people acquiring aggressive cancer lately (with high speculation as to many of us have why)….Clif helps give people a way to check out and possibly cure it.  Cancer alone could/should be a reason to watch this video podcast…..please watch right to the very end and he gives more information on treatments.

. God Bless, Wayne Clayton