Silver Gold Price Suppression Effectiveness Diminishing

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from SD Bullion:

Silver Gold Price Suppression Effectiveness Diminishing


Another week of precious metals price rigging to the downside news and revelations. This newest finding again cites chart logs and derivative price discovery rigging facts going all the way back to the year 2009. If you regularly monitor precious metals derivative market trading now in 2021, it is hard not to believe high-frequency trading chart painting price declines are not still a regularly occurring unprotected financial crime ongoing. Yet given the bullish bullion fundamentals that have been building over the last few years, it also appears the efforts to push precious metals prices down by the short trading powers that be, are becoming less effective than they once were. Record-sized bullion sales volumes and growing precious metals investing interest may lead to another shortage of quickly available bullion bars and coins at reasonable prices and premiums above the fluctuating spot price markets. This week, we will cover a bit on the case for a potential sell-off in precious metals spot prices over the short and near term.