INFLATION Record Search Volumes & LBMA Discredits Itself

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from SD Bullion:

INFLATION Record Search Volumes & LBMA Discredits Itself


Win a 1,000 oz SILVER BAR ⮕… Amongst record #INFLATION search volumes and data, yet another signpost in route to London and New York losing precious metals price discovery power to Shanghai and Singapore for both physical precious metals and derivatives in the decades unfolding.

This week, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) renounced what it claims was a data entry error. After the group falsely reported a dramatic escalation from February to March 2021, of the supposed #Silver being held amongst the large ETF custodian bullion banks in London. They had exaggerated total LBMA silver holding by over +106 million ounces for roughly thirty days of time. See the admission below, the #SilverSqueeze ongoes regardless:…

On this YouTube channel, a month ago we openly mocked the LBMA’s then-reported figures, confidently knowing in acutely silver bullion squeezed market, you don’t come up with 1/10 of world silver supply with 30 days of time, in one central seemingly lawless London trading hub. Here is what we said just over a month ago April 9, 2021, the same day the LBMA misrepresented London’s March silver holdings with ridiculous inventory escalation claims:…

Silver market onlookers like ourselves see a combination of incompetence and chicanery, leaning more towards the latter being the modus operandi when we study the track record of London in the gold market. We will leave an 11-minute video to expose the issue below, illustrating the correlation between the LBMA’s coming into existence and widening divergence between east and western aggregated price data. Suffice to say, historic and forensic price data evidence shows the called it the AM / PM gold and silver “fixes” tongue and check amongst their unprotected insider pals. LONDON & COMEX systematically rigging precious metal prices full fiat currency era: The second half of this year for precious metals is lining up to be very memorable.