“The Medieval Roots of the New World Order”

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from Quite Frankly:

“The Medieval Roots of the New World Order”


It’s Friday the 13th, and you’d expect there to be a Friday the 13th in the middle of a month like this one. We’re going to take some time to read through a new article written on QuiteFrankly.tv on the Knights Templar and the backstory of the original Friday the 13th: Could it be that one of the earliest generations of what we know as The New World Order had a hand in the Templar’s demise? And then we jump to this past week, hundreds of years later, to the latest missive published by Carlo Maria Vigano, who continues to warn against this very ancient enemy. The calls were amazing, the headlines and side conversations we cover along the way were just a great. Wonderful end of the week.