Election Fraud

CREDIBLE CLAIMS of Voting Irregularities in Pennsylvania!

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from Judicial Watch:

Tom Fitton: CREDIBLE CLAIMS of Voting Irregularities in Pennsylvania!


Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement regarding the presidential election: Joe Biden is not “president-elect.” Changing results after Election Day raises significant legal and constitutional concerns, and President Trump should use available legal and constitutional remedies to help ensure the election results can be trusted by the American people. It is not normal for multiple states to be counting presidential votes for days after Election Day. And it raises significant concerns about the validity of post-election counts. Meanwhile, the media, including social media like Twitter and Facebook, are inaccurately labeling Biden is president-elect. No official sources have called the election. Federal law and the Constitution limit official sources to state officials, the Electoral College, and, ultimately, Congress.


Judicial Watch: Our Research Shows “Ghost Voters” in MULTIPLE STATES