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Robinhooders Turn to Silver Stocks As Silver Crossed $23

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from Silver Report Uncut:

Robinhooders Turn to Silver Stocks As Silver Crossed $23 Refusing To Be Bullied By Bullion Barron’s


Silver investment demand is starting to heat up and Robinhood users have begun buying silver stocks which could prove the perfect missing ingredient to a new precious metals bull market. There was an attempt to smash down the silver price yet silver refused to be bullied by the bullion bankers and pushed back above $23 an ounce for the first time in years. Silver is still incredibly undervalued when you look at the size of the fiat money creation and typically in precious metals bull market gold tends to lead but silver follows then outperforms. Gold has been in a bull market for over a year and is pushing towards all-time highs propelled by the same catalyst the drove the last bull market QE except for this time it’s QE to infinity. What does that say about silver price? We also need to talk about the real price of silver because the rise in silver price is certainly gaining some notoriety but getting the shiny metal into your hand is an entirely different story. The large bullion dealers are even paying more than spot price to buy silver from their customers and right now silver eagles are selling for more than $30 a coin. The fundamentals for silver are strong and the supply to demand is leaving bullion dealers with not enough to meet their customer’s needs. This brings us to an interesting premise it’s no longer about the silver price it’s about who is the highest bidder, it’s who has the money, who has the silver? with silver being such a necessary and finite metals how can we have a recovery without silver supply.

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