The China End Game & Asian Genetics Discussion

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from MrCati:


The China End Game & Asian Genetics Discussion


This report is a followup discussion regarding the possible ongoing China Coronavirus end game and the recent media reports of a higher proportion of Asian males being infected with the coronavirus that many think is as a result of a genetic marker placed into the coronavirus. This discussion will discuss this new DNA genetic Asian genetic aspect in relation to previous discussions regarding the possible hidden motivations of China seeking to reduce its population in mass numbers as part of an orchestrated end game that benefits the motivations of China by eliminating huge numbers of its own population while also hiding the elimination of those deemed problematic, deplorable, or not worthy of being in the new world order while being eliminated under the cover of a coronavirus virus death claim. Closing comments will include a brief mention of the upcoming Kobe Bryant memorial scheduled for 02-24-20. Background Sources and Links:

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