Ghislaine Maxwell’s Staged Photo w/ “her dog”

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from The Outer Light:


Ghislaine Maxwell staged photo at In-N-Out Burger with her attorney: “her dog was not even her’s”


It is now reported that Ghislaine Maxwell staged the photo at In-N-Out Burger in LA, where she was reading “The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives”, with her attorney. The reasons for this are largely unknown, although some researchers have noted that there seems to be some kind of hidden message within the photograph. Other researchers believe that the Ghislaine Maxwell photo was staged using a type of black propaganda, designed to remove the main focus of the public away from how Jeffery Epstein died, and recent news stories about Prince Andrew / Bill Clinton and other powerful figures that Jeffery Epstein is connected with. I go into these things and others in this video.

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