Momo challenge – Peppa pig

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from HeCsUsAll:

Momo challenge – Peppa pig


I had to put another video on the back burner for this one. Momo is not new by any means, but showing up in children’s youtube videos is. This is like Elsa gate on steroids. And I feel like the news is only bringing attention to the older stories, to hide these terrifying mk ultra children’s cartoons. This has to be fixed, and if it wasn’t “the algorithm” then how did this happen. And if it was the algorithm, how could this happen after Elsa gate?? Keemstar should call attention to this, they used him in one of these sick videos. Don’t watch this video if you are a very sensitive person, don’t watch if you can have seizures, and absolutely don’t watch with children around. Please share this video to help get this information out there and spread awareness. This goes SO much deeper than what you are seeing at the surface. God bless you guys, and armor up!