Q: Chinese Chips, Crashing Ships, Hawaiian Missiles, Kav, Feinstein, GTMO

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from Black Conservative Patriot:

Q Anon 10.5.18: Chinese Chips, Crashing Ships, Hawaiian Missiles, Russia, Kavanaugh, Feinstein, GTMO


The Shadow Government and Deep State want armed conflict. They make money off of it and since they worship Satan, they thrive off the power it gives them and the misery it causes the innocent. War destabilizes the world and makes it easier for them to snatch children. Think Haiti. They can smuggle babies and body parts through organizations like the Red Cross. Of course they are assisted by the Clowns in America. Contraband is moved across continents via military bases. This is Deeper than most will ever know.

So meet their partners in crime: China Chinese put chips in everything giving them backdoor access to information and systems throughout the United states. Unlike software, this is a hardware level breach. It is not done without coordination and assistance from People within.