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Joseph P Farrell: The Ancient Power Grid Discovered!

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from Earth Ancients:

Latest Joseph P Farrell 2018 The Ancient Power Grid Discovered


Before we begin, I want to share this note from my friend Peter.  He wrote this about the following video.


A couple of days ago I was looking through some video lists and noticed that J.P. Farrell had recently given an interview on his most recent book, Grid of the Gods.

To cut to the chase : the core of the interview is between 15m.22sec to 35m. There are a number of topics mentioned, inc. Germany – occult activity, Tesla, geomancy, etc, but the real “kicker” comes in the final 5 minutes.

JPF says that he “found something that totally blew me away”. I think a statement like that, coming from someone like him must be VERY significant. (!)

Basically, it ties in directly with things mentioned in the Anthony Patch interview and with what he’s been talking about for the last 6 months.


Dr. Joseph P. Farrell takes us on a breath-taking ride through ancient sites, secret and advanced technologies, and explore the topological metaphors behind the physics of the “pyramid peoples.” As always, with Farrell and contributing author de Hart, painstaking research leads to fresh and astonishing conclusions.

Consider the possibility that there is an alchemical cosmology in very ancient stone monuments, and that this is connected to the Mayans, their myths, and the mysterious machined ruins of Pumu Punkhu. Consider the possibility that an ancient and hidden elite laid out an entire global construction grid, and then built it over millennia. Also consider that the “elite” behind this alchemical agenda disguised an advanced science within religious myths and concealed a highly sophisticated physics. Finally, consider that when the first hydrogen bombs were tested, they might have tapped into the unknown sources of energy from that grid … with runaway results!