Are Smart Cities Interdimensional Gateways? — Gonz Shimura

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from FaceLikeTheSun:

Are Smart Cities Interdimensional Gateways?


In the last several years, the concept of Smart Cities have become very common in tech industry circles. What destabilized the post-modern paradigm into a digital or transcendent paradigm was through the works of professors like Nick Bostrom and his Simulation Theory. It caused everyone, including those in the scientific world to pause, and reconsider reality.

From the perspective of the Bible and Bible Prophecy, this all makes sense. But more importantly, it foretells of where this type of knowledge, and with it, the technology, is headed. The creation of a single world government is outlined by three beasts that finally merge into one (Daniel 7 & Rev 13).

Could these three beasts be the final three world wide corpora-national entities, run by technocrats who want to merge with the AI. And could what scientists suggest, with the discovery of Extraterrestrials, perhaps coming from inter-dimensional investigations rather than external, also gives rise to the concept of traveling to the inner dimensions of reality, the spiritual world that the Bible has spoken of all this time?

Will the opening of the Abyss in Revelation 9 cause a rip in the fabric of reality, so pervasive and destructive, that the only thing that will stop it, is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? I have faith, that this is where everything is heading.

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