Who is to Blame for “sonic attacks” on Americans Cuba?

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from Giza Death Star Community:

NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM SEPT 21 2017 –  “sonic attacks” on American diplomatic personnel in Havana?


Is Cuba to blame for the “sonic attacks” on American diplomatic personnel in Havana? Joseph doesn’t think so:


(The following timeline of sonic weapons stories was compiled by Giza Death Star web developer Daniel DiGriz for our recent Members’ Area dialogues which included a discussion of this topic:

Timeline of Press on Sonic Weapons Mid-Nov 2016 – Sonic weapons reported in use in ‘health attacks’ against US diplomats in Cuba 2015 – Military testing announced again 2014 – European Space Agency mentions having acoustic technology that could conceivably be lethal 2012 – American LRAD device deployed in London during Olympic 2012 Chicago deploys LRAD against protesters at NATO summit 2011 NYC deploys LRAD against Occupy Wall Street protesters 2009 Pittsburg deploys LRAD against protestors at Crowd of 20 meeting 2009 JNWLD testing PASS with some success (extremely low power needs, very high peak power) 2007 Original scheduled release of JNLWD PEP 2005 Cruise Lines deploying sonic weapons against pirates 2005 Stellar Photonics working on precision sound weapon (PASS system) 2004 JNLWD PEP project vanishes 2004 Navy tests plasma’s capability as missile deflector 2002 JNLWD funds development of Pulsed Energy Projectile (New Scientist) 2000 Sonic weapons used by US Navy after USS Cole attack (and in Iraq after that)