Mainstream Media Admits: The Clintons Operate and Live ABOVE THE LAW

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from Western Journalism;

Video Transcript:

Since FBI’s James Comey shredded Hillary Clinton’s email defense Tuesday, the media can’t stop talking about the Clintons.

PAUL RYAN: The point is, yes, this certainly does underscore the belief that the Clintons live above the law. And this is one of the reasons why people are so dissatisfied, so upset about government. They think that people live by a different set of rules. And the Clintons, they take the candle on this one.

NICOLLE WALLACE: So, it counted as a good day for her that she wasn’t indicted but what he did yesterday – I watched this live and thought, “Oh my God, Donald Trump my stumble into the Oval Office.” What a lot of people worry about with her which is that she has a horrifically difficult relationship with the truth – that the Clintons don’t just think they’re above the law, they function in government as though they are above the law.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: And by the way, they time and time again have proven to be above the law. If any of us lied in front of a federal grand jury, we would go to jail. We just would. If any of us mishandle classified information that way, it would not be followed by a, “But we’re not going to file charges.” We would go to jail.

CHRIS CUOMO: This is what they do!

ALEX BURNS: I think over the last couple weeks, she’s been trying really, really hard to win a second look from voters who are just fundamentally distrustful of her and distrustful of her husband and just the culture that surrounds them. Calling a major presidential candidate extremely careless and saying they had a culture of this extreme carelessness around them, that’s pretty damning.

RYAN: [Comey] shredded the case that [Hillary Clinton] had been making all year long. He shredded the things that she had been saying in her own defense all year long about her case.

KASIE HUNT: This just really undermines all of the – and underscores all of her biggest issues with voters, the polls that show that people just don’t trust her.