WHEN JUSTICE FAILS: Defending The Dortch Family — Melody Kramer

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from SGTreport.com:


Lawyer, Author and Founder of Legal Greenhouse Melody Kramer joins us to discuss her book ‘Why Lawyers Suck’ and why the entire legal system is so screwed up. Melody bravely stepped up to defend Dr. David Dortch who was unjustly and viciously targeted by a very corrupt system in Riverside County, California – which included documented misconduct by law enforcement, misconduct by prosecutors, falsification of court records and a massive DEA wiretapping campaign. The Dortch family’s story of harassment is one that speaks directly to the death of rule of law in the United States. On this call we also cover the latest updates about the Dortch family’s situation.

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My thanks to Red Ice radio for the use of their graphic featuring the Dortch family and Melody Kramer which I used in my thumb nail for this interview. You can catch up on the full Dortch family story by listening the Red Ice radio interview with Kim Dortch & Melody Kramer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2Dpm…