Weather Weapons, Laser Assisted Chemtrails, Morgellons & The Space Fence

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from The Kev Baker Show:

VIDEO: Elana Freeland joins the show for the first time and this is a woman that i describe as the mother of weather weapons/geoengineering/haarp research, and she doesn’t disappoint!


We get into the history of weather weapons and from there into the chemtrails. Elana talks about what they are spraying and gives several different reasons as to why we are all being sprayed.

Then we get into the future aspects of this and the road to transhumanist nightmares before rounding off with an introduction to something called THE SPACE FENCE


  • History of weather weapons
  • Different applications for HAARP/Chemtrails
  • Black Chemtrails / Laser Assisted chemtrails
  • Who is spraying us?
  • Morgellons
  • Other health related issues coming from chemtrails
  • Transhumanism
  • Space Fence


Here is the second show of the double bill mentioned in the first show above. We wec