The Simpsons FEMA Warning

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from Conspiracy Insomniac:

VIDEO: In This Episode from The Simpsons Aired back on (May 16th, 2004)

An accidental photo showing Bart “mooning” the American flag makes the Simpsons the most hated family in town.

I Strongly Recommend to Watch this Entire Episode.

Homer and Marge take the children to get their shots. However, the shot makes Bart’s earholes to swell shut, making him temporarily deaf ( Vaccines autism connection? ).

While at church, Lisa speaks her opinion about patriotism, and the Simpsons are taken into custody, in violation of the “Government Knows Best Act”. (Patriot Act & Domestic Terrorists) Clearly exposing The Mass Surveillance and citizens targeted for freedom of speech or any strong beliefs that labels you as a threat to the nation (FOR EXAMPLE A BUMPER STICKER SUPPORTING RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT)

The family are taken to the “Ronald Reagan Re-education Center”, which houses Michael Moore, the Dixie Chicks, Elmo (who accidentally went to the wrong fundraiser), and Bill Clinton.
(Re-Education Camps/Relocation Camps/FEMA Camps)

Here is The link to Watch the Full Episode S15 Ep21