Jim Mars: Extraterrestrial Presence & Our Hidden History

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from Global Explorers:

VIDEO: Jim Marrs, breaks through the misconceptions and conflicting theories surrounding the UFO phenomenon. Focusing on some of the most respected UFO investigators and their startling new evidence, he seeks to uncover the purpose of UFO occupants.

The proof of UFO visitations – from human anecdotes, videos and photographs to once secret government documents – is overwhelming. Mankind’s historical record is replete with accounts of flying objects and unearthly visitations. Today, with the widespread use of video and cameras, the evidence of UFO activity gains weight almost daily. And it’s not limited to lights in the sky. Associated activities include animal mutilations, crop circles, scrutiny of military installations and even human abductions.

What is the nature of these visitors? Are they beings from another planet? Another dimension? A different time? And, perhaps more importantly, what are their intentions?

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