Evidence of a Type II Civilization in our Solar System

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from Leak Project:

Richard C. Hoagland, Evidence of a Type II Civilization in our Solar System, Millions of Years Old

VIDEO: Epic interview with Richard Hoagland discussing the many anomalies and structures found within our own Solar System, Millions of years old. Mr Hogland Explains how he feels the Story line of Star Wars is more Non Fiction than Fiction. With over a Dozen high resolution photographs from JPL, and NASA, Richard breaks down the possibility of Iapetus and Phobos being Spaceships designed to look like a planetoid or moon. Iapetus looks just like the Death Star in Star Wars and you will see the comparisons in this podcast. Mr Hoagland also explains how these ancient ships are from a Type II Civilization that colonized our Solar System Millions of years ago. Now there is evidence of Pluto having been colonized as well! Check out Richards work at www.enterprisemission.com and www.othersideofmidnight.com