MUST WATCH: TRUMP Threatens to Reveal 9/11 TRUTH as President

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from C. Ervana:

VIDEO: Donald Trump commented that if he was elected president, he would reveal who really knocked down the World Trade Centers. Like JFK’s cryptic speech on secret societies delivered in 1961, I believe Trump’s threat to expose 9/11 places him in danger.

Donald Trump went on to say it might have been the Saudis, which I believe was an attempt to redirect the conversation. It wasn’t the Saudis who knocked down the Two Towers…

This video is not a statement of political support for Donald Trump.

Several clips were used in this video from CBS, Fox, and other news sources. I also used a clips from the Youtube channel known as Xendrius. I don’t own these particular pieces of work and have included them in this video under fair use.
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