Michael Tsarion: Paris Islam Zionism and the Red Papacy

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from Rha S ananda:

VIDEO: Michael Tsarion Paris Islam Zionism and the Red Papacy (2015) PART 1

In this Episode we take a very fascinating and in-depth look at the Friday the 13th Paris false flag terror attacks and at the real matrix of power that operates in the world behind the scenes in relation to what’s happening in the Middle East.   We cover: The recent Paris attacks, Geo-Politics, Media, Religion, Zionism, the Ottoman Empire, the Jesuits, the Red Papacy, the Nazis, the Royals, Black Lodge Masonry, Templarism, the unconscious mind, Psychology and more. We even touch briefly on this recent flat earth meme and the return of other medieval and pre-medieval ideas and why its being pushed at this time in particular.