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CATASTROPHE: California’s Methane Gas Leak Explained

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from TheLipTV2:

VIDEO:  Between the ongoing Fukushima nightmare and the Aliso Canyon methane leak, California is under an Agenda 21 full court press.  The question should be asked, if current environmental crisis like these continue unabated, how much longer will Californians be able to be Californians?  ~ The Phaser

The Aliso Canyon gas leak, which is currently polluting Southern California, is examined with Timothy O’Connor, the Director of Environmental Defense Fund’s Oil and Gas Program in California, following the news that Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency Wednesday in Porter Ranch, where thousands of residents have been evacuated. O’Connor explains the health and environmental effects of methane emissions, the dangers of the gas leak relief plan, the Southern California Gas Company’s response to the leak, and how wells can be regulated to reduce methane leaks and subsequent climate damage. Finally, we take a look at EDF’s aerial infrared footage of the leak, in this uncensored Antidote interview hosted by Michael Parker.

Timothy O’Connor is the Director of EDF’s Oil and Gas Program in California, working remotely from Los Angeles. Since joining EDF in 2007, Tim has been actively involved in all aspects of EDF’s climate and energy work in the state legislature, state and federal courts, and at the state Public Utilities Commission and Energy Commission on issues related to oil and gas, climate change and clean energy. Focusing on the implementation of AB 32, California’s landmark global warming law, alongside implementation of enacted methane legislation be helped author, Tim utilizes years of cross-cutting experiences in the government, non-profit and the private sectors to advocate for solutions to reduce pollution and support innovative solutions related to heavy industry and power plants, transportation fuels and vehicles, and compliance instruments in cap-and-trade programs.