SCIENTIFIC PROOF: Chemwebs Are NOT Spider Webs — January 24, 2016

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from The HAARP Report:

VIDEO: This is a scientific test, proving the chemwebs do NOT have the same spectral absorption, as natural spider webs. The chemwebs are bright white in color, and absorb MORE ultraviolet, than infrared, which is the opposite of natural spider webs.
I’m very sad to upload this video. I was hoping this test would prove it was just a spider migration, NOT a new type of chemtrail, or bioweapon testing program. I’m sorry to anyone who is upset, or frightened, by this.

Since these webs are probably designed to block ultraviolet, to either protect the Earth, or to deliver a bioweapon, it made more sense to me, to test the optical characteristics, instead of just doing a metals composition test. This video shows that is the best method, to show the difference between natural spider webs, and a man made protein fiber.
This video documents the VERY FIRST round of testing, and proves the chemwebs do NOT have the same optical properties as normal spider webs.
Therefore, we can safely say, the chemwebs are NOT natural spider webs.
I call on other scientists to do these same tests. I’m sad to show this result. We are in much worse trouble, than we realize.
Here is the link to the falling webs on November 1, 2015 -scary, but hypnotic!…