Chipotle: A Victim of Corporate Sabotage? Probably.

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from TheHealthRanger:

VIDEO: Think the E.coli contamination issues at Chipotle were just a random event? Think again: Chipotle’s food has been deliberately contaminated by the biotech industry which also ran a “Chubby Chipotle” smear campaign to try to claim that eating at Chipotle would make you fat.

When that didn’t work, they resorted to acts of food terrorism to destroy Chipotle’s credibility and scare customers away. The media, which is largely funded by GMO-related processed food companies, went right along with the scheme, terrorizing Chipotle’s customers and investors and spreading massive fear.

GMO biotech shills are the same people who call in bomb threats at speaking locations where anti-GMO activists are about to speak. Search for “GMO” to learn all sorts of shocking information about these criminal operatives.

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