The Government’s 9/11 Story is Impossible – Capt Russ Wittenberg

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from StopFundingIsrael:

VIDEO: Incredible information from Capt Russ Wittenberg, a former US Air Force Pilot with over 20 years experience flying combat missions and flying the actual 2 planes supposedly used on 9-11.

America has been hijacked from within by Pro-israeli war hawks Neo-cons and PNAC members

He’s a founding member of Pilots for 9-11 truth and in this interview he tells all he knows about about flight aerodynamics and aeronautics and why the official story about the planes is sheer bullshit.

Listen up as I ask tough questions from Capt Wittenberg in the quest for 9-11 truth on the 14th anniversary of Sept 11.

Check out his website:

9-11 Taboo 4 part docco. Press arrows to scroll