Chemtrail Webs Falling in Texas — Dec 6, 2015

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from The HAARP Report:

NOTE: Now that he mentions it, we saw very, very few geese heading South this fall. In Minnesota, geese migrating south in the mid to late fall is a seasonal standard activity. This year we saw precious few geese. ~ The Phaser

VIDEO: Here is the fourth Sunday, with some kind of silky fibers, falling out of a clear blue sky. These resemble spider silk, but are more reflective, and no baby, or adult spiders are anywhere, to be seen.

Every night, for the previous week was below freezing, and the conditions during the video were: 60 degrees, 25% humidity, pressure 910 hPa, surface winds calm.

An interesting fact, is that there is no low pressure aloft (rising air), which would “suck” the ballooning spiders up into the sky, allowing them to fall some distance away. As you can see in the video, there is very little convection (rising air), from the surface. So, a natural spider explanation doesn’t make sense to me.

I believe this is the next step in chemtrail development, and a test program is under way, to develop a fiber which is highly reflective, but stays aloft for long time periods. Obviously, they still have some problems, unless some kind of radio energy is used to electrically charge the fibers, so they are held aloft by electrostatic forces.

Are more Ionospheric Heater nightmares on the way, to keep these fibers aloft? If these programs remain secret, probably, yes.

My buddy, who lives in the Lockheed weather weapons “test zone”, just west of Fort Worth, sent me this message, two days ago:
” I was taking pictures of this plane, when suddenly I noticed what looked like a spider web being sprayed out from the rear of this aircraft through my cameras viewfinder. I saw the web-like material coming out of the plane’s exhaust several times when taking the pictures, and I asked myself: “could this be the plane that everyone is talking about, spraying these chemwebs?” Sure enough, within minutes the web material could be seen floating down from the sky, and I took hundreds of pictures connecting this plane with the material sprayed on us. Five times now in recent weeks, they have sprayed this web material and I find not one spider on them. Besides! I never knew of any spider in Nature that floats on a web in freezing temperatures! AND that is the only times that this web material has been seen, is during temperatures that are below freezing. The only time that I did see the spiders on their floating webs, is when the temperatures were from 52 to 83 degrees. That is the coldest low temperature that I have seen the “Live” spiders. HOWEVER This plane did spray webs and spiders ONCE, and all of the spiders were DEAD, even as the webs were still floating down, you could see lifeless spiders on them. Tried to collect some for samples, but they had been so frozen “Like in a sub-zero solution, in the planes fuselage” they simply turned to dust when you touch them. Any way, I got excellent images of this plane and its spider web chemtrails, plus I have the samples from weeks back.”

I will add a link to his video, as soon as he uploads it.

P.S. I spent an hour, looking for any kind of spiders, and couldn’t find a single one. I know the babies are mite-sized, almost microscopic, so searching with the naked eye is difficult.
I have three web samples, from three separate Sundays. If anything interesting comes up on the microscope, I will upload a video (much better than the previous!)