WW3: Recycling War Lies

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from Verify Events Research:

VIDEO: Episode 4: Recycling War lies

This video is specially dedicated to Sean @ SGT Report and JT @ Americanterrorist. Thank you so much for the opportunity of being part of your respective communities of truthers. I’m glad you guys like our videos. In this video, we take a look at recycled war lies and the use of actors in propaganda to move public opinion for war, which is currently ongoing on our march to a global conflict. We also take a jab at those opportunistic and hypocritical liberal democrats and their so-called “gun control”. The history of engineered (read fake) massacres in the US goes back more than 100 years. If there is a way to stop this madness it is to continue to ring the ears of the sheeple people to hopefully wake them up. Like Bill Cooper (ex-Navy Intelligence Officer) said: “Listen to everybody, read everything and believe nothing until you can prove it with your own research.” Sean & JT, it is because of your efforts that I can say today, I’m awake. The truth can be stranger than fiction but in the end the truth will prevail!

Many thanks also to Tom @ PCC 9/11 Studies, Timothy @ Silentcrownews, AE9/11 truth and all the activists out there who have played a direct or indirect role in help me and others see the truth, thanks again.