VACCINE DANGERS Discussed & Exposed

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from ExperimentalVaccines:

VIDEO: Featured Guest: Tiffany M…
Co-host LostHorizon52…
We will be discussing how vaccines can affect your children in the most deleterious of ways. Listening first hand to a mothers lessons and warnings is the best way to understand this information. We have been mislead and pacified to the reality of this medical enslavement. The snake oil salesmen have run a muck and convinced you vaccines are the cure instead of the disease. Also we will discuss current vaccine legislation that is being imposed on the most controlled and experimental societies in human history. Amerika! The phamacratical dictatorship will be exposed!…
Show Begins on time with opening hellos and how are you doings.
Media Silence on vaccines? 00:01:48
The Question: Why are the children sick? 00:02:51
Statistics on the Health of Children in the USA 2012 Data 00:03:30
Lost Horizon52 joins the show 00:04:59
Damn the system they will not stop us 00:06:15
Tiffany M joins the show 00:12:32
DTaP Vaccine leading to ASD 00:15:14
How quick the symptoms can occur 00:16:15
The next morning key signs 00:17:53
Who warned you about the dangers of the DTaP Vaccine? 00:19:35
Talking with the pediatrician 00:22:11
The system: How to fight it or at least recognize it? 00:23:37
The USA is in a hermitically sealed media medical bubble! 00:25:01
Trusting the Doctor 00:25:47
Tiffany said it best it’s PROPAGANDA! 00:26:39
I feel like an ass “the point that you were trying to make” 00:26:57 Tiffany please forgive me (I’m learning)
The White Coat is a visual stimulus of conformity? 00:27:08
Why have we denominalized women’s intuition? 00:29:19
DTaP Vaccine: Spreading the disease instead of stopping it! 00:32:14