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Ongoing Dimensional Spiritual Warfare — LA Marzulli

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from Spiritual Warfare:

The Ongoing Dimensional Battle Between The Fallen & Yeshuah

NOTE: LA Marzulli’s blind allegiance to Israel as the “apple of God’s eye” is perplexing given his intellect.  Those who understand the actual history of Israel know that what resides there now is the apple of Rothschild’s eye.  It’s unfortunate that Marzulli never mentions the Balfour declaration, Zionism, or the false flag terror fostered by the government of the state of Israel. ~ The Phaser

VIDEO: The Dimensional War in Heaven. The signs that an unseen heavenly war being fought in another dimension is about to spill over into our dimension. Two forces have been battling for millennia with the entire cosmos as their playing field, and humans are the unfortunate pawns in their “cosmic chess match” citing Lucifer, or the fallen angel, as the opponent on the dark side. As prophecy texts in the Bible have indicated, we are nearing the end of this war, and seeing the “birth pangs” that will lead up to the final seven years of tribulation. Prophecies of increased earthquakes, and other calamities are “being fulfilled”

Are we entering a period where there will be an escalation in wars, earthquakes and famines, including signs in the skies and the heavens?