4 FALLS of SATAN: The Dragon’s Fall From Glorified to Lake of Fire

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from FaceLikeTheSun:


VIDEO: The Bible speaks of 4 falls of Satan. This leads me to theorize that Satan was created with a body, and that he lost his body in the first fall (Ezekiel 28). The second fall will be from the heavenly realms, as a spirit, strictly bound to earth (Revelation 12). Then the third fall will be from this earth state, into the prison in the bottomless pit (Revelation 20). And finally, he will go from the pit to the lake of fire, but only after he is released for a short while (Revelation 20). All of this leads me to believe that Satan, the dragon, will present himself as the alien savior or some kind of creator being from outer space. He will then give the authority to the beast and the false prophet.

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