The Human Race is in Danger of Extinction

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from LaRouchePAC:

The Human Race is in Danger of Extinction: Are you human?

If you recognize that human beings are not animals, and can shape the future of their own species, you will act now to prevent its extinction by the nuclear war which is threatening us, in the actions of President Barack Obama.

The latest in Obama’s escalating war threat against Russia and China — his order to U.S. air forces bombing in Syria to “engage” Syrian government forces when deemed necessary — drew an immediate warning from Moscow, and draws us a step closer. The proposal from a NATO advocate in Ukraine for a U.S./Europe oil embargo “to crush Russia” is another step. The NATO “Trident Juncture” exercise next month, practicing nuclear war right on Russia’s border, will be another in the step-by-step buildup awaiting a trigger, like the buildup to World War I a century ago.

World wars are started in a step-by-step process of escalating threat, wars, and mobilizations, in which no one can forecast precisely which step will set off the trigger. But it can be seen, by Americans willing to face the future, that Obama — under British manipulation — is pushing those escalating steps of confrontation with Russia and China.

We are coming closer and closer to doomsday, the point one of Obama’s many wars and escalations triggers World War III. It is increasingly recognized internationally, that this situation is converging on civilization. The human race is in the greatest danger of extermination. Therefore we have to be the sparks in the mobilization to stop this, by forcing Obama out of office, and you can be among those sparks.

EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche has proposed, urgently, that Hillary Clinton can get Obama out, by telling the truth publicly about Benghazi, when he ordered her, and others, to lie about what his Libya War had wrought. That act would cost Hillary her chance to be President, but it will bring Obama down. And it would show that any human being can exercise the uniquely human power, abruptly to shift the history and future of the human race. Not to believe she could do this, is simply cynicism, or “animal calculation.”

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