FUKUSHIMA & DEPOPULATION in the Age of Fission

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from SGTreport.com:

VIDEO:  My new friend and nuclear activist Lonnie Clark joins me to discuss the March 11, 2011 event that changed the world forever: the Japanese earthquake which led to the Fukushima disaster and ensuing nightmare. Lonnie Clark is a radio host at UCY.TV, her show is ‘The Age of Fission’. Lonnie also helped create The Post Ignorance Project with Kevin Blanch, an effort to wake up the world to the Pacific Genocide. On this call Lonnie and I discuss the fact that Fukushima radiation cannot be stopped, so the Japanese and Unites States governments simply ignore it or argue that “a little radiation is good for you”. Lonnie and I conclude that ultimately it’s all part of the ongoing depopulation agenda, demonic in its brilliance and scope.

Lonnie Clark’s Show ‘The Age of Fission’ airs M, W, F from 8-9 am PST. Show info & archives can be found HERE.