ET WARNING on Chemtrails, Oxygen-18, Asteroid Impact in N. Atlantic

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from The HAARP Report:

VIDEO: Ed. Note: This “fringe” information about Geoengineering, the death of the Biosphere and the elite’s plans for global depopulation comes to us from s source we trust, The HAARP Report. Please READ all of this before watching the video.

This video covers six private messages from Klaatu Roi, which appeared all at once, in my Youtube “messages” folder, on August 8th, 2015. I can’t vouch for all the information, but everything else that Roi has told me has later proved true, IMO. For instance, Klaatu Roi was the source for the “Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks” video, and he correctly predicted a new, nearly invisible spray would be used, starting in 2015.

Summary of the high points of this video:
1) Roi was a witness to the Sedona UFO in 1996, and had 45 minutes of missing time;
2) Roi has established a communication link to beings who are trying to preserve our biosphere, and our species;
3) The beings are trying to create more Oxygen-18 to prevent runaway global broiling, and chemtrails are a covert warfare tactic, to stop their efforts to save the planet;
4) The human population will be reduced to 250 thousand, NOT 500 million, as the Georgia Guidestones recommend.
5) If the ruling elites have miscalculated, the human race will go extinct;
6) All humans die within 15 years, after getting a full dose of chemtrail poison;
7) The ETs are offering the choice of stopping the chemtrail spraying, or they will be forced to hit the north Atlantic with an asteroid, around election time;
8) The rain that fell over Texas, in May, 2015, and ended the state’s four year drought, was a gift from the ETs;
9) THREE secret microwave transmitters are being constructed near major cities, which will cause deadly Ultraviolet (UVB and UVC) to reach the cities, within an 18 mile radius. (Please watch my video “Physics of Ionospheric Heaters, Killing the Pacific”, to see how microwave beams can create a hole in the ozone layer.)

As a matter of conscience, I’m giving out this information. I don’t care what people think of me, but I do care about stopping the death of our biosphere, and our species. It should be obvious to all intelligent humans, that the surface of our planet will be dead in a few decades, so anything we can do to reverse this process, we are obligated to do.

I’m also uploading this video, because my friend is suddenly at death’s door, in the local hospital. This person was fine yesterday, and I no longer believe in coincidences.

There are SO MANY powerful actions, we mortal humans can take, to stop these planet killing programs, but nobody is doing anything meaningful, to stop any of it! Remember, complaining accomplishes nothing! We must use our technical, scientific, NON-VIOLENT, LEGAL, and MORAL powers, to get control of these planet killers!

Here is a technical lecture, confirming much of what Klaatu Roi said, and explaining the mysterious nature of the Oxygen-18 isotope. Most people will not be able to understand this lecture, so I apologize, if it is confusing:
Lecture: Oxygen isotope anomalies in the atmosphere…

Note: at the time of this video upload (August 15, 2015), the video “Lecture: Oxygen isotope anomalies in the atmosphere” had only 296 views, so it is obvious, very few scientists know about the strange properties of Oxygen-18. When I watched the video on August 9th, it had only 80 views, so the NSA/CIA/ONR/ONI crowd are trying to get up to speed on Oxygen-18. The lecture video was released 18 months earlier, and only had 80 views, until Roi’s message hit my private inbox! This is good evidence, that the humans, who work for the secret controllers, are taking Roi’s information seriously! (Any scientists who study Oxygen-18 need to take extra safety precautions, from now on!)

If you want to know what the end will look like, there will be millions of these methane geysers, in only a few years: Pond in Canada Explodes…

Methane is 50 to 100 times worse than CO2, and there is enough methane to increase total greenhouse gas, by over 100 times, in just a few decades. Planet Earth is becoming a broiler oven, so we do not need to fear the elite controllers, any more. Our only fear should be, that we failed to act, when there was still time to do something!

I know this is really far out stuff! But, so is the sudden death of a biosphere as old, as diverse, and as beautiful, as the one we have been gifted with. Wake up, people, this is NOT science fiction! Our planet is dying, right before our eyes, and we are NOT taking proper responsibility to stop it! As intelligent, technical beings, it is our responsibility, to protect the weaker species, who have no ability to defend themselves!

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