WW3: Ukraine oil depot fire and more Shelling of civilians in Donetsk by Kiev Junta.

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Aerial footage: Huge plumes of black smoke billow from burning oil depot near Kiev

A massive fire has been raging at a Ukrainian oil depot on the outskirts of Kiev. It has triggered a series of explosions that reportedly killed up to four people. The Ukrainian authorities have confirmed three firefighters were among the fatalities. There are fears the toxic fumes could now threaten locals in Kiev.


Drone Footage: Residential home burns after heavy overnight shelling in Donetsk

Drone footage captured the burning remains of a residential house in Donetsk after heavy shelling caused severe damage throughout the city overnight.

Gorlovka Destruction after Ukrainian Shelling (Drone Journalism #5)

Graham Phillips — heavy shelling of residential areas by Ukrainian Military



CCTV footage: Heavy shelling hits Donetsk train station

Three shells could be seen and heard falling near a railway station in the Kievskiy district of Donetsk on Monday evening. CCTV footage at the station showed how the area lit up as the shells hit the ground.