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from World Crisis Radio:

Italy’s Top Judge Ferdinando Imposimato Demands Freedom for Rev. Pinkney, No Layoffs by Whirlpool in Italy; IMF and European Union Split Over Merkel’s Financial Brinksmansip vs Greece; Neo-Ottoman Erdogan Falls to Earth; NATO Holding Large Naval Drills in Baltic; Kiev Fascists Step Up Shelling of Donetsk; ISIS Czar Allen, Convicted Felon Petraeus Still Welcome at Sleazy Bilderberg Confab; House Vote Against Free Trade Swindle Shows Better Tone in US Politics; Lowdown on Sanders, Clinton, Santorum, Paul, Rubio, Walker

With Reports from Michael Chiotinis in Athens, Charlie Skelton in Telfs-Buchen, Austria, and Rev. Edward Pinkney in Coldwater, Michigan

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Rev. Edward Pinkney

Reverend Edward Pinkney

Judge Imposimato

Italy’s top judge, an admired anti-terrorism and anti-Mafia investigator, supports the campaign to free Rev. Edward Pinkney while at the same time preventing Whirlpool Corporation from carrying out massive layoffs at its plants in Italy: Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, who just a few months ago was a contender for the Presidency of the Italian Republic, is the first signatory of a call that includes these demands. In 1985, the French magazine Le Point saluted Imposimato as Mr. Justice Courage on its front page. In the January 2015 election of the President of the Italian Republic, Imposimato received the second largest number of votes.