Armageddon? : VT Exclusive: Playtime Over, the War Begins

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[Editor’s note: If an accurate reading of the original Isaiah 17 texts is anything to go by, those nations who are involved in destroying Syria should take heed of the last 5 verses] 

by Gordon Duff  and  Nahed al Husaini in Damascus, Veterans Today: 

This week, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced that their support of Syria will be unlimited.  Over the past few weeks Iranian military leaders, both Republican Guard and the Al Quds brigade in particular, have assessed the situation on the ground.  

A plan of action has been developed and is being implemented at this time. No other source has this information. Information in the press is fabrication and conjecture.  What is known and what can and will be told is here and will be nowhere else.

  • Reinforcements from both Iran and Iraq have begun arriving in Syria and are being deployed at this time.  Only a small percentage of the initial force is in Syria thus far.


  • Troops are being moved to fight in Idlib, near the Turkish border.  Their task will be to liberate Idlib and Jisr al Shougour.  Rumors about them being used in the defense of Damascus are false.


  • There they are to confront forces of al Nusra and the Fateh Army.


  • The next deployment to Syria will be from Hizbullah Iraq and the Mahdi Army.  They are currently involved in military operations near Ramadi and across Anbar Province in Iraq.  They will take part in a joint Syrian-Iraqi operation that will drive from the Iraqi border to Palmyra. This force is 70,000 strong and highly trained.


  • Russia is supplying Syria with advanced surface-to-surface missiles and other “non export” weaponry.  Russia will not be sending technicians or troops.  Yes, Russia is selling, not giving weapons.


  • Iranian forces are not yet deployed but are scheduled, Republican Guard and Al Quds.  No number has been given or will be given at any time.


  • A third operation (1. Idlib 2. Palmyra) will be against Qalamoun.


  • A fourth operation will sweep south from the suburbs of Damascus to the Jordanian border.  ISIS will be pushed into Jordan where they are expected to attempt to overthrow the government in Amman.  It is a general consensus that King Abdullah will eventually end up looking for a home in the south of France.

A message is passed to the Americans and others that have spent years gloating over the suffering of the Syrian people:

Damascus will fall when Tehran falls.


Syrian Counter-Terrorism conference, Damascus, Dec. 2015...Founding members (center) Mike Harris, Jim Dean, Gordon Duff, Col, Jim Hanke

Syrian Counter-Terrorism conference, Damascus, Dec. 2015…Founding members (center) Mike Harris, Jim Dean, Gordon Duff, Col. Jim Hanke – the “Coalition of the Willing.”


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