James Corbett: Next 100 Years Belong To Asia

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from WallStForMainSt: 

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on first time guest, editor of The Corbett Reporthttps://www.corbettreport.com/, James Corbett. James has lived in Japan for many years and James is also an editor/writer for The International Forecaster, which Bob Chapman used to write for many years before he passed away.

During this 40+ minute interview, Jason asks James about Japanese culture, Japan’s economy, inflation in Japan (CPI is played with there too like everywhere else) and also what’s really happening at the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Jason and James discuss whether China really wants to 100% back its currency with gold and put the RMB on a gold standard or if China is merely content with accumulating more and more physical gold as insurance and savings to protect its other (paper) trade surplus investments.

James has great insights on Japanese culture and about China and Asia.

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks James if he thinks China has a good relationship with the US government and Wall St bankers?